Welcome to the Central Highlands
A Meeting on a Drover's Road

The Central Highlands of Caledonia from whence the Clan McCaullich hail, the spine of the nation and the highest peaks in all the Heartlands. These are the lands which shape the drovers, warriors, crofters and Druids of this most ascorbic of clans. Knowing their land is to know the people for these are the places and times which have shaped them to be the people they are today.

What's this Wiki for?

What I hope to present here is a consensus of the Central Highlands, a shared vision of the places which have made our characters who they are. I hope it to be both benchmark, reference and guide for the old and the new players of the clan so that all know where we're from. Of course this is not exhaustive and the Clan has option to see and change anything they will. Just make sure Duncan agrees wi'ye!

Who are the McCaullichs?

The Clan McCaullich are part of the Lorien Trust's roleplaying system. We are members of the Bears Faction and take part in the 'big four' events every year, the Great Edreyan Fayre, the Spring and Summer Moots and the Gathering of Nations. We also attend 2 or 3 smaller events throughout the year.

Our rationelle within the Bears is to create a clan of Highlanders, slow to anger and cleaving hard to our allies. We wanted there to be high standards in costume and in the way we roleplay amongst the other clans, and the wide variety of rather weird creatures that turn up at events in the Heartlands.

To that end we come across as somewhat reserved and unfriendly, especially to Orcs and Goblins, who our clan has a history of fighting. Many a Highlander has fallen victim to orc and goblin raids over the years and consequently we neither like or trust any greenskins - although those who have proved faithful to the faction are tolerated.

~ Lex

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