Bears Faction

The Bears are composed of the peoples of Caledonia, and south-western Orkneyjar, an island which they share with the Wolves. They are made up of diverse groups and clans, which fit into three main broader categories; Celts (including Highlanders, Islanders and Lowlanders), Picts and Sassenachs (being non-Caledonian-born Bears), though the latter term is generally considered an insult. Predominantly but by no means exclusively human, Bears are traditionally clad in tartan, generally in the form of kilts, worn with little or no armour.

The Bears have a reputation for being people of celebration, enjoyment and honour. They love drink, songs and games and enjoy hospitality. However, do not let their fun loving nature deceive you, for the Bears are also strong and fierce warriors and will fight to the death to defend their friends, their honour and their Queens. In modern times the Bears have faced adversity as they find their place in a changed Erdreja and the nation is now led by Lairds, who are charged with the day to day running of the faction. The three Queens now look after the faction’s more spiritual needs, though they remain key members of the Privy Council and there is still no law in Caledonia other than the ‘Will of the Queens’. With more formal structure than in the chaotic old days, the faction is gaining strength, though it is still one of honour, fun and of course the Bears are always ready for a good fight!

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