Clan McCaullich

The clan McCaullich have lived simply in the highlands for as long as anyone can recal tales to tell of them. There are no great stories of the clan's inception or a great ancestor which they follow for they are just men and women. They till the good soil, look to thier famillys, respect the Druids and make war upon the goblins should they come to threaten the peace which they try to live in. It is the nature of the Central Highlands, harsh and beautiful, bounteous but full of threat which has shaped these people and it is the strength they gain from knowing what they protect which means they will always stand.

Tartan: Origin of tartan lost in the mists of time (blue-grey-green plaid with bi-secting orange lines), but any muted or ancient tartan in similar colour, but check first.
Origins: Celtic, Highlands.
Clan Ancestor: Anu
Lands: Central Highlands

You are most likely to find a McCaullich…. Singing loudly around a fire, or in the front line of a fight.
You are least likely to find a McCaullich…. drinking tea in a guild tent, (apart from Willum).

The Clan McCaullich is an isolated tribe from the Highlands of Caledonia. Many of them never venture down from the Highlands, preferring the rural life amongst the mountains. A community of warriors, farmers and labourers, the McCaullich’s close-knit community focuses on pragmatic teachings for the everyday, based on wisdom collected and passed down from ‘The Duncan’ who is the wandering Chieftain of the clan.

Some say that they have little time for the fanciful or frivolous. This is not to say that the McCaullich’s are unfriendly - on the contrary, many a great night can be spent with McCaullich’s, as they are always keen for a song, drink and dance (and fight of course). But it must be remembered that they are a wary bunch: they are not always the most forthcoming clan - and for good reason! There is ever the constant threat of Orc and Goblin marauders who have raided from the mountain caverns for many years.

Outsiders must gain their trust however, but are rewarded with a fierce loyalty, backed by a strong sense of honour. When threatened, the McCaullich transforms from a meagre farm-hand or drover, to a fierce warrior. Although not a war-mongering people, they are some of the fiercest fighters in Caledonia. Good Highland living and a diet rich in game, and fine cattle gives McCaullich men strong bodies and strong constitutions, most clansmen growing to over 6 feet. Whilst, traditionally the women of the Highlands are much smaller in stature, they tend to make up for it with wit and an equal (if not greater) ferocity. Women and men fight, eat, work, and socialise together.

They might not always be a very friendly clan, nor are they the most numerous, but they are steadfast and practical creatures and you will be sure that you can always rely on a McCaullich.

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