Mountains of the Central Highlands

Of all of the physical features which dominate the lives of the Clan McCaullich it is the mountains that they call home which have shaped them the most. These are the mightiest peaks in all of Caledonia, larger still than the Cairngorms which make up the southern half of the central spine of the country or the Grampians and Monaghlaigh mountains to the east. There are Three separate ranges within the Central Highlands, the Mhor range to the south, the Churchail range to the north and then, dominating them all - the Tuathen range in the centre. There are many other smaller peaks and hills which make up the northern spine; these can be found listed under the mountains, glens, duns or lochs they are named for.

Churchail Range
Tuathen Range
Mhor Range

The Central Highland Spine

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