The Nature Of Dismissal

On the nature of dismissal and the dismissed’s interaction with the paths of light.

I went to hell, to resolve a dispute with an ancestor who had forsaken Anu; I was the first to be kicked out for fighting and this worried me. Knowing that I could be dismissed from another plane led me to investigate how this process occurs – these are my findings.

When we transport we delve into the egg through the paths of light, traversing the tunnels with a sublime understanding of directions, dangers and depths – most of which goes un-noticed by the conscious mind. The rite which allows us to perform this transportation is however not the only means by which a pattern might find itself travelling in those places.

As the paths of light delve into the egg they do so by incremental amounts; the links to transport circles and transport beacons being the shallowest at one depth, those of minor circle at sixteen times this and finally those of greater circles at sixteen times that depth. I would hypothesize that a wellspring or sinkhole would be 64 times this initial depth – although I have not been able to conduct this research as yet.

When transporting we navigate these depths, taking the simplest route from one place to the next, except where dangers and blockages might impede passage. But it is not the means by which those who are dismissed would normally make it into the network. If we consider other means by which entry into the network may occur outside of the boundaries of a transport or ritual circle then we might find a parallel to dismissal.

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