Willum Roy is an inquisitive soul undeminished by his enviroment. The Central Highlands hold many mysteries, from unclimbed crags to dark caves and the mysteries of the lost city. Duncan has recognised these traits and put them to good use, having Willum's penchant for uncovering information and recording details put to good use tracking the goblin tribes and scouting the passes to ensure they are clear. While performing these duties for his clan chief he has also found a number of beasts, killed them if needs be and tried to understand them…the life of an adventuring scholar is ever the dangerous one.

Since the Clan came down from the mountains, Willum followed in 1107 and soon found that the uncomplicated ways of the highlands were more convoluted than he'd suspected. To his great shame he committed a crime for which he was to be bannished from Caledonia and would have been slain if not for the good name of his clan. He however did not take seclusion in the mountains but worked on behalf of his nation to stand for them where it could be seen - outside of the gates at all of the great meatings of the nations. This dedication to duty was seen and he was allowed back into the faction camp by the Queen Morrigan to compete in the champion's trials which he won.

Embraced back by the faction, in 1109 he then beat all comers in Edreja to become the champion of the knife and continued his studies into the fabric of the world, writing a treatise upon The Nature of Dismissal and then beginning to map the Great Forest of Caledonia. Between himself and Rab, this passion for maps has turned to the creation of a modern Atlas of the Edreja which they hope to complete by the end of 1111. He has also undertaken a personal search for the library of the Astari Ne Samhain on the island of Fios Samhain and hopes that the finding of this will aid in the defeat of Namaid who threaten Anu.

This personal quest for knowledge has not gone un-noticed by the faction and Willum has been made the personal Champion of the Queen Cerridwen. This search has led Willum to try and kindle that same keen interest in others by writing for the McYokel Bull and promting others to head towards libraries. Willum's Articles are regularly printed, and often ignored due to thier dry and boring nature, but he perseveres.


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