Willum's Articles

Willum's explorations accross Caledonia have led him to all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies. Those which he has researched he has included in a guide to the wild places of the land, with the hope others might follow. He has also performed a fair amount of research and his discoveries are recounted here.

  • An Explorer's Guide

There are many places out there in the wilds which have been forgotten. Many places which the eyes of men have never seen, I hope to enlighten and provide useful, practical information for those who find themselves abroad in these places. If you’re like me and find yourself drawn to those secluded, secret places whose past is forgotten then I hope what I present here might expand upon what you already know, for while we may all be able to fight, it is our wits which make us men. I hope that I can educate and instil a sense of greater wonder of what is to be found and offer some degree of protection from some of the perils one might find searching out those wonders.
* Issue 1 - The stones of Auld Kieg
* Issue 2 - The Fern Shriek
* Issue 3 - [[[
* Issue 4 - [[[
* Issue 5 - Marvels Under the Ground
* Issue 6 - [[[

  • Research

* Upon the nature of dismissal
* The Changes To Rituals Post-Cataclysm - From the Watchers of Edreja

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